Schrlab is intended as a modern tool for teachers and students of Quantum Mechanics. It puts beautiful older ideas on simulating 1-dimensional Wave Mechanics with a real-time graphic rendering, by E. Onofri and G. Tecchiolli (the 'wms' package for MSDOS) and by M. Creutz (Schrodinger.c in the xtoys package for X Windows) together with the power, flexibility and user-friendliness of a library package like Tcl/Tk. The interface between the C-code and the graphic Tcl/Tk layer is made through the very nice program mktclapp by D.R. Hipp. As you will see, there are many more functionalities in Schrlab than in the older programs (a very preliminary step forward was the Schrodinger.c in the 'contrib' directory of xtoys, that you can find also here. Please feel free to make your own changes and additions, but let the author know, if possible.
Bug reports are also welcomed.
In the download subdirectory there is the targzipped file containing the latest version of schrlab: it should compile and run on any Linux box or on in the Cygwin environment on Windows. It needs tcl/tk 8.0 or higher. Unpack it with 'tar xzf ' and then 'make' it.
For other Unix platforms, you have to work a on the Makefile (and perhaps on the code itself) or wait while I learn autoconf.
In download there is also a zipfile ontaining a precompiled version for Windows XT and 7 together with a minimal Cygwin + Tcl/Tk environment.
A beautiful version by Giulio Eulisse of the older program without Tcl/Tk, running on BEOS systems, is available here.
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